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Written out by Me & the Amazing JangoFett1138 and lemme tell ya, you can cut the tension between these characters with a knife!

1) Let's meet the two rivals, shall we?

Azrael and Sid Nefarious

2) Why do they dislike/hate each other? When did their feud begin?
Sid: I think it started around the time you decided to steal Chal away.
Azrael: I didn't steal her away, Sidney. 
Sid: Says you, and don't call me that!
Azrael: All I ever did, Sidney, was tell Chalice that I loved her and as much as it inconvenienced you, she loved me in return. (Note: Feel free to add a response if you want) Anyways, despite having to deal with his passive-aggressiveness, I didn't really begin to dislike Sid until I found out he had been dreaming of me as some home-wrecking milkman and I learned how much he actually hates me for supposedly ruining his life.
Sid: To be fair though, it's my subconscious that made you look like a homewrecker, now you making such a big deal of it when you first heard about it made my outlook on you change drastically.
Azrael: Don’t give me that, Sidney. You detested me even before Chalice and I got together. The passive-aggressive bullshit, trying to make me jealous, always trying to get a reaction out of me when it came to Chalice like some damn child. What happened was a long time coming and yes, I could have handled things better but you crossed the line when you called me a... scarred up, PTSD-riddled piece of shit.

3) Which one has the most hate?
Sid: *makes eye-daggers at Azrael*
Azrael: I think that answers your question. I don't care enough about Sid to hate him. Not anymore.
Sid: I am merely fueled by passion... that sometimes forms into severe dislike.
Azrael: Poor you. 

4) Make them the opposite of who they are! Have them act as friends or even lovers!
Sid: The opposite of me already exists and that's Will.
Azrael: For what it’s worth, I like Will.
Sid: Good for you, the wimp needs all the muscle he can have.
Azrael: *Eyes narrow*

5) Have one of them play a prank the other!
Sid: *chuckles evilly to himself*
Azrael: *crosses arms* Am I supposed to be intimidated?
Sid: Not at all, pulling pranks isn't really my strong point, but a man can dream can't he?
*Unbeknownst to Sid, the Question snuck up behind him and blows an air horn next to his head*
Question: Luckily for my friend there, pranks are one of my strong points. Comes with growing up with siblings. 
Sid: *holding a finger in his ear trying to stop the ringing* JESUS H. CHRIST!
Question: Oh, and Sid, you should really quit smoking. It’s bad for your health.
Sid: *unbalanced yelling* WhaAAT? I CaN'T HEaR YooOOou!
*Question does sign language that translates to “Quit smoking. It’s bad for your health. Or pick better hiding spots”.*
Azrael: You didn’t have to do that. 
Question: I know but someone had to pull the prank. Well, I have to get going. I heard the mayor’s been accepting bribes. See you guys around. 
*With that, Question pulls out his grappling hook and grapples away*
Sid: WHO thE hEll wAS tHaT?
Azrael: Friend of mine. Old friend of Chalice’s, as well. Does a lot of detective work. 

6) What would happen if they were locked in a room together for some time?
Sid: That would either be a painstakingly long awkward silence or a good ol' fist fight waiting to happen, I'm counting on the latter since I hate long silences.
Azrael: Part of me would hope that we could talk things through… But I know that it’s too late for that.

7) What could stop them from being enemies? Can't we all just get along?
Azrael: We could stop being enemies if Sid would stop treating me like some kind of villain.
Sid: You ain't no villain, but you ain't no hero either.
Azrael: *Clenches fists* And what about you, Mr. Perfect? What will it take for you to stop hating me or considering me your enemy? 
Sid: HA! Mr. Perfect, that's funny. Keep cracking jokes like that and I may start to tolerate the thought of you.
Azrael: What would you prefer I call you? Mr. Victim? Well what will it take for you to stop hating me? Deathstroke cutting my head off? Firefly burning me alive? Black Manta dragging me to the bottom of the ocean?!
Sid: Hmm... tempting.
*Azrael growls and clenches his fists tighter*

8) Yeah right, it's time for a battle to the death!
Sid: It's totally one-sided, but I'm game! *pulls out a combat knife*
Azrael: Put the knife down, Sidney. That’s your only warning.
Sid: Funny, Sportsmaster said something similar before I stabbed him in his Achilles's tendon.
Azrael: I’m not Sportsmaster!
*Azrael jumps to the air and kicks Sid in the head, knocking him to the ground and causes him to drop his knife and slide a few feet away as Azrael lands on his feet.*
Azrael: Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Now, stay down! If I wanted it, you’d be dead already. 

9) Who wins?
Sid: *in a daze* Swing loooow, sweeeet chaaarrrriiiiooooooot.
Azrael: You should consider that mercy.
Sid: I don't know what to consider anything right now due to the size twelves that collided with my skull.
Azrael: Well consider this.
*Azrael grabs Sid’s knife and snaps it in half* 
Azrael: If you ever pull a knife on me again, a foot colliding with your skull will be your least painful memory.
Sid: I'll make sure it's not a knife I pull next time then.
*Azrael growls as he grabs the front of Sid’s jacket and lifts him above his head*
Azrael: Tread carefully, Sidney. I do not take threats lightly. 
*Azrael throws Sid onto his chair*
Azrael: Have a seat, you entitled punk. 

10) That wasn't pretty. Let's try something where no one gets hurt. Take your pick: Video games, chess, poker battle or whatever.
Sid: *shuffles a deck* I'm partial to Texas Holdem myself when it comes to poker.
Azrael: Fine by me.
Sid: Good, at least we can settle with that.

11) Is there someone both characters admire? If not, then have another character intervening in a fight of theirs or whatever you want.
*There’s a tapping at a nearby window and Sid sees Firefly and Cheshire standing outside and they hold up a sign that has a child-like drawing of a burning Azrael and reads “WANT US TO KILL HIM FOR YOU?”*
Sid: Tempting offer, but I like doing things my own way.
*Cheshire and Firefly flip the sign around to show a crude drawing of Sid next to the word “WUSSY!”*
Sid: You guys sure know how to put the asses in assassin.
*Firefly sets Sid’s motorcycle on fire then flies away.*
Cheshire: You shouldn’t have said that, Mr. Nefarious. Garfield’s sensitive. 
*She giggles as she backflips away*
Sid: I would be too if I had the same name of a lasagna-eating cat! Fuck you, Garfield!
Azrael: Be thankful he can’t hear you, Sid.
Sid: Part of me is thankful, part of me isn't.
Azrael: What? Do you want to be set on fire by a flying pyromaniac?
Sid: If it means I get a few good punches in on him first, then yes.
Azrael: Don’t be stupid, Sid. He’ll jump to the sky and burn you alive before you even make one move. 

12) Is there anything the rivals have in common?
Sid: Absolutely not! (Save a close feline female companion)
Azrael: *Sighs sadly* Yes… I tried to be Sid’s friend because I love Chalice and I wanted to be a part of her circle of friends. And I’ve always considered Nigel a friend. 
Sid: *rolls his eyes*
Azrael: Don’t roll your eyes at me, Sidney. They’re the only reasons I restrain myself from knocking your damn teeth out. 

13) Switch roles! Maybe you'll empathize with each other that way! Or... not?
Sid: *makes Darth Vader breathing noises with his mouth*
Azrael: *Raises an eyebrow in confusion*
Sid: Couldn't do a Keith David impression so I went with the next best thing.
Azrael: Classy. 
Question: Excuse me.
*Question walks back in*
Question: My friend here’s not that great at impressions, so… I’ll fill in for him.
*Question pulls out a violin and starts playing a sad song*
Sid: I'd feel a lot more offended if it was the world's smallest violin.
Question: I know but such a ‘nice guy’ like you isn’t worth the trip to the Ripley’s museum to borrow the world’s smallest violin.
Sid: Ouch.
Question: Aww, did I hurt your feelings?
*Question finishes playing the sad song on his violin as a response before throwing a smoke bomb to the ground and disappearing*

14) That's it, GROUP THERAPY!
Sid: Hell. No. Not letting some shrink arbitrarily decide what is wrong with me.
Azrael: I was willing to go to a therapist for Cherrie but I’m not wasting any more of my time on you, Sid. I’m done. 
*Azrael begins to walk away*
Sid: Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.
Azrael: Go to Hell, Sidney. 
Sid: After you, Az-hole.
*Azrael growls and turns around to stare down Sid*
Azrael: Look, Sidney, do me a goddamn favor and think long and hard about the real reason why your relationship with Chalice didn’t go the way you wanted. Because unless you haven’t gotten it through your thick skull, I’m sick and tired of being your damned scapegoat. 
*Azrael turns around and walks away*
Azrael: I don’t even know why I came here. Nothing’s changed. 
*Azrael stops for a moment, takes a deep breath, and sighs sadly*
Azrael: By the way... Nigel introduced me to Ophelia... She’s… She's beautiful. Congratulations. 
Sid: *taken off-guard* T-thanks?
*Azrael raises his arm and shoots his chained blade at the ceiling, grappling away*
Sid: Well I guess it's time for me to lea- oh yeah, motorcycle's fucked, right... long walk home it is then. *gets up and walks out*

15) Final thoughts, tag someone or whatever.


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